What Can I Eat on a Renal Diet?

Kidney diseases and ailments can take a drastic toll on the body. If you are on the path to recovery, you need to monitor your diet very carefully and restrict yourself to certain foods that won’t trigger any symptoms. As a leading board-certified kidney specialist, Dr. Gura wants kidney patients to understand the basics of a renal diet.

It can be difficult going about your daily life when there are so many restrictions on your diet. Seeing a list of possible foods may help to make this process less frustrating.

“No Salt Added” Foods

Until you are dealing with a kidney or cholesterol issue, you don’t realize just how much salt is in everything. You need to be especially cautious when it comes to any pre-packaged or canned foods. Make sure to check the sodium levels on all products. Also, avoid using salt when you cook your own meals at home.

Don’t use any kind of salt, even if it’s flavored. Pre-seasoned or flavored foods are also off the table. Sodium can cause huge flare-ups in your kidney disease that may have drastic effects in the long run

Bell Peppers

If you can’t use salt and you’re desperate to add some flavoring to your foods, look no further than red bell peppers. They have huge amounts of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, and they are very low on potassium. According to DaVita, potassium is one of the most harmful substances for kidney disease.

Red bell peppers are great to enjoy as a snack or mixed in with your favorite protein for a delicious meal.


Sick and tired of being on the dialysis diet? Add garlic to your meals! It’s an excellent alternative for flavoring, and it contains a lot of natural ingredients that can stave off infection and fight harmful bacteria. But remember not to use garlic salt – use garlic powder instead! As long as there is no sodium involved, garlic is a potent and flavorful ingredient to use in your meals.

An Apple a Day

Apples are an often underestimated fruit. Although they are naturally sweet, they aren’t too sugary or unhealthy in any way. In fact, apples are known scientifically to reduce the effects of inflammatory conditions and diseases, including kidney disease. Apples can also lower cholesterol and decrease the risk of cancer. This is because apples have a lot of anti-inflammatory qualities that make it a true superfood.


Now that we’re on a fruit kick, you should be aware of the extreme health benefits of blueberries. Eat them raw, blend them into a smoothie, or top a crunchy salad with them. Blueberries are an antioxidant that can reduce inflammation, swelling, and other symptoms of irritation that you may be experiencing in your kidney.

Plus, blueberries increase brain health and brain activity, and can even strengthen bone mass. They are an excellent food to eat even when you’re not on a kidney diet!

Egg Whites

Egg whites serve as a reliable protein option when you’re on a renal diet. Egg whites give you all of the amino acids your body needs to promote good health. Plus, when you’re on a renal diet, you need to decrease the amount of phosphorous you put in your body, and egg whites are a protein option with the least amount of phosphorous.


Another solid protein option is fish with omega-3 fatty acids. The best fish for you is salmon, although any fish with low amounts of cholesterol and mercury will do. This is recommended by the American Heart Association and kidney experts worldwide as a healthy protein option that provides a multitude of health benefits. You should eat fish at least twice a week, with your best options including salmon, trout, tuna, and mackerel.

Assess Your Renal Health Now!

Your kidneys are essential to the health of the rest of your body, and a sodium-free diet is the best thing you can do to improve any negative symptoms. In most cases, your renal diet needs to be monitored closely by a certified specialist. To learn more about your kidney health needs, you can make an appointment with our specialist at your earliest convenience. Contact us online or give us a call at (310) 550-6240 to get started.