Stages of Accepting Having Diabetes

A diabetes diagnosis can be a big deal to anyone visiting their doctor. This type of diagnosis implies that you must go through some serious lifestyle changes and possibly take more medication for the rest of your life. This is no easy thing to deal with! Our internist in Los Angeles understands how patients typically go through the different stages of accepting having diabetes.

From disbelief to grief, there are bound to be many emotions swirling through your head. Here’s what to expect in the process. Our specialists at the office of Dr. Gura are here for you every step of the way.

5 Stages of Accepting Having Diabetes

Have you ever heard of the 5 stages of grief? This is typically defined as the set of emotions that one goes through after experiencing very bad news or a heavy loss. Usually, one goes through the 5 stages of grief after losing a loved one. Patients newly diagnosed with diabetes find themselves going through a very similar mourning process. Let’s take a closer look:


The first typical reaction to a diabetes diagnosis is to deny it. Patients will try to continue living as if they don’t have diabetes, and may not choose to do anything about the disease at first. It can be hard to get out of this initial state of shock that can come from receiving such life-altering news. Eventually, this denial turns to extreme frustration.


Next, people tend to get mad. A diabetes diagnosis means that you may not be able to live your life the same way ever again. You’ll have to stop eating a lot of different foods, and you may need to check in with your doctor a lot more than you’re used to. You might start lashing out, but you should try reaching out instead. Start talking about your diagnosis and seek help so you can stay healthy and happy.


You will learn how to bargain with every medical official you meet during your diabetes process. You might be reluctant to take certain medications, use an insulin pump, or make follow-up appointments. You might only want to do the bare minimum required to keep the symptoms of the condition at bay. Ultimately, you will realize that this is not to keep yourself taken care of.


The facts of your situation will really start to settle in, and you may just feel plain sad. The anger is gone, but now you are truly in grief over the life you used to have, that you have lost. It is hard to grapple with a new reality, especially in the face of a diagnosis as serious as diabetes. You don’t need to rush into these changes, but stay informed about your health. You should go at a comfortable pace with your diabetes diagnosis.


Once you reach this final stage of grief, you will finally come to accept your diabetes diagnosis. This doesn’t mean that it will stop being hard, or that you won’t continue to struggle through this disease. But the best thing you can do for yourself is to advocate for your better health and well-being with appropriate diabetes treatment.

Get the Best Diabetes Treatment ASAP

Dr. Gura is a board-certified diabetes specialist who can help you curate a custom treatment and lifestyle plan to help you cope with your new diabetes diagnosis. We understand that every person reacts differently to such big news, and we want to help you ease into a care plan as comfortably as possible. Call us today for a stress-free consultation appointment and learn more about what you can do to keep your diabetes symptoms at bay.