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What Does Kidney Dialysis Look Like?

If you’re suffering from some time of kidney dysfunction, your path will inevitably bring you into contact with receiving dialysis treatment of some kind. But what does kidney dialysis look like for most patients? Despite the possibly fearful connotations surrounding this life-saving process, kidney dialysis is actually rarely painful or disturbing. Knowing this can contribute … Read more

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How to notice kidney pain and its causes

Your kidneys are vital organs that play a key role in your overall health. They are your body’s natural filtration system. Kidneys are responsible for regulating your fluid balance, electrolyte levels, and waste elimination. They work in conjunction with a number of other systems to ensure your body properly functions. Below you will find how … Read more

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What Are Common Diabetes-Related Conditions?

Diabetes is a common condition that impacts millions of Americans. The condition is characterized by high blood sugar. It occurs when the body doesn’t produce enough insulin or can’t use the insulin it does produce. The condition can cause serious medical complications if left untreated. Even when effectively treated, there is a risk for diabetes-related … Read more

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10 Components of Preventative Medicine

There are a number of diseases and illnesses that impact Americans that can be easily prevented. Preventative medicine focuses on maintaining and improving one’s health by preventing harmful diseases and promoting health and wellness. By adopting proactive strategies, you can significantly reduce your risk of developing certain conditions. Below you will find the 10 components … Read more

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Genetics and Kidney Disease

Kidney disease encompasses a range of conditions that impair the proper functioning of the kidneys. Kidney disease can show up in a wide range of forms, including chronic kidney disease, acute kidney injury, kidney stones, or an infection. Also referred to as “renal disease,” kidney disease impacts the vital functions your kidney plays in your … Read more

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10 Questions to Ask at Year Physical Exams

Annual physical exams are a necessary part of ensuring your long-term health. In fact, they are an effective form of preventive healthcare. Annual physical exams can help assess your overall health, identify potential health risks, and catch underlying health issues early on. An annual exam often includes a physical exam, blood work, and a review … Read more

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Kidney vs Renal: What’s the Difference

Medical terminology can be difficult to understand for those who aren’t in the medical field. For those who have been diagnosed with a kidney issue, this can feel overwhelming. You may wonder, kidney vs renal: what’s the difference? Continue reading to understand the differences and similarities between the two words. Kidney vs Renal: What’s the … Read more

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Does Diabetes Risk Increase After COVID?

While 2020 is becoming more and more a year of the past, we are still seeing some new and interesting things happen as a result of COVID-19. The pandemic continues to sweep across the globe and with it new connections to certain diseases – as well as increased risks. Those who visit their kidney specialist in … Read more

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Is a Physical Exam the Same Thing as a Checkup?

Your primary care physician should be contacted to schedule an annual exam. There are many guidelines regarding how often someone should have their physical and mental health checked, depending on age and any other medical conditions. One of the most popular questions that patients ask their kidney specialist in Los Angeles is, “Is a physical exam the … Read more

Doctors nephrologists examining patients kidney health

Kidney Dialysis Myths and Facts

Kidney dialysis is a long-term treatment that can extend the lives of people dealing with kidney failure. Kidney disease, in its advanced stages, causes so much damage to the organs that they can no longer filter blood, leaving toxins in your body. This excess buildup of waste and fluid inside of you could prove fatal … Read more