When Should Adults Get a Physical?

Everyone knows that regular visits to the doctor are important for improved and preventative health. But with busy schedules, prior engagements, and the general chaos of life, it is hard to find time to remember to make those regular appointments on a routine basis. As people grow older, they start to think that regular doctor visits are less important.

When Should Adults Get a Physical?

When should adults get a physical, and how often is a physical exam required for good health? While every patient has different care needs and diverse schedules, it is important to get a good idea of what trends to expect as you get older. Dr. Gura, your certified kidney specialist in Los Angeles, breaks it down by age. Let’s take a look.

Young Adulthood: 18-22

Those who have recently turned 18 find themselves torn between the familiar pediatric schedule and a brand-new adult primary doctor’s schedule. Young people are encouraged to sign up for a physical exam every 2-3 years to make sure that everything is in working order. It is also important to screen for certain medical conditions and take preventative measures before they have a chance to develop. Young people are still young, and most do not have too many medical issues until later in life.

Adulthood: 22-64

From age 22 to about 64, adults should think about scheduling a physical exam once per year. If you are still in extremely good health, you may be able to still have an exam every 2-3 years. But you are especially encouraged to visit more often if you are at risk of heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, or cancer due to smoking.

Senior Adulthood: 65+

Once you reach the age of 65, it becomes much more vital for you to visit your doctor on a regular basis. Aging comes with increased health risks on every front, and you have to be more careful with your body as the years go by. You should have a physical exam more than once per year. It is also recommended that you visit your doctor to have certain tests performed on a regular basis. Tests that measure your glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels can help you invest in preventative treatment so poor conditions don’t develop.

How to Invest in Preventative Care

Prevention is the ultimate key to staying healthy, which is why it is so vital that you visit your doctor on a regular basis no matter how old you are. The next time you sign up for a checkup, you can ask your doctor what to expect during a physical exam. Depending on your health and your age, you may be asked to get the following treatments:

  • Updated vaccinations: tetanus, diphtheria, hepatitis A/B, etc
  • Lung and breast cancer screenings
  • Yearly vaccinations (shingles, flu)
  • Pneumonia exam
  • Pelvic exams
  • Bone density scans
  • Depression and mental healthcare

Your physical and mental health may fluctuate a lot throughout your life. Some problems can worsen as you get older, especially if you don’t take the time to visit your doctor for preventative care. Scheduling a physical exam at least once a year is a good idea, no matter what age you are.

Get Your Next Physical Exam ASAP

If you are an adult of any age, you need to stay on top of your general health needs. When is the last time you visited with your doctor? Get in touch with our physical exam specialist today and together we can develop a custom care plan to keep you in touch with your medical status. Learn more about preventative care and take the steps to protect yourself by giving us a call today.