Sugar Detox: Best New Years’ Resolution

The perfect New Years’ resolution is something that you know you can achieve. Instead of giving yourself a really ambitious goal, you should work on something that you can practice little by little every day until you feel confident that you’ve mastered it. At the office of our internist in Los Angeles, we want your goal to be something that can improve your mind, body, health, and happiness. So what is one thing that can boost your energy, improve your health, and make you feel better each and every day? A sugar detox.

Sugar Detox: Best New Years’ Resolution

Sugar detox: best New Years’ resolution for your body! With a sugar detox, you can improve your diet and your bodily health just by omitting an excess of sugar from your everyday meals. There are many benefits to getting rid of sugar from your diet. You’ll find some of the biggest ones below!

Get Rid of Inflammation

Sugar is one of the primary contributors to inflammation. Too much sugar forces the body to produce an overabundance of glycation end products, also known as AGEs. AGEs grow in your liver and your intestinal system and can lead to weight gain, bodily pain, insomnia, infection, and more digestive issues.

Since sugar is one of the worst contributors to inflammation, a reduction of processed sugars from your diet can help your body return to a regulated digestive process unmarred by invasive sugar products.

Keep Your Skin Healthy

Sugar can do just as much damage to the outside of your body as it can to the inside. The harmful enzymes and byproducts that come from sugar can stop the production of elastin and collagen, which are both responsible for keeping your skin healthy and tight. Without these, your skin will start to sag and wrinkle. Too much sugar can even cause acne, pimples, dark patches, or rosacea on the skin.

Boost Your Everyday Energy Levels

Do you feel a lack of consistent energy throughout the day? Do you get drained quickly? This could largely be due to your diet and how much sugar you consume. Sugar can increase your energy at the moment, but that new boost is short-lived. Over the long term, this sugar-fueled energy boost results in a crash that dramatically adjusts your insulin and blood sugar levels.

One of the worst offenders of sugar-fueled energy boosts is energy drinks, which contain more than the daily recommended dose of sugar. In fact, energy drinks can permanently affect your ability to get energized the more you drink them. Ultimately, the spikes and crashes caused by sugar are a detriment to your digestive health.

Improve Your Emotional Health

Feelings of depression and anxiety can stem from an imbalance of hormones in the brain. Particularly, a lack of dopamine can cause feelings of sadness and depression. Sugar is associated with certain mood disorders because it can deplete dopamine and stall its production. While you may feel a temporary emotional high after immediately eating sugar, the crash will result in these hormones being depleted.

Since sugar also causes inflammation, which is another known cause of emotional mood disorders.

Start Your Sugar Detox Today!

Starting a sugar detox is easier than you think. You don’t have to sacrifice sweets or give up on some of your favorite goodies, but you should consider greatly reducing the amount of sugar you eat every day. You can reset your body’s natural functions, improve your mood, and even get back your youthful energy as you go about your day. If you are worried about the way sugar has affected your body, get in touch with the best diabetes specialist Los Angeles has to offer and schedule a consultation. Start the new year off right with a sugar detox and treat your body the way you deserve to be treated!