Signs of Healthy Kidneys

Did you know that 30 million Americans have kidney disease? Perhaps more shocking than that statistic is the fact that most are unaware they have it. For this reason, it is extremely important to be educated on signs of healthy kidneys, as well as warning symptoms to look out for. For more information on healthy kidneys and to schedule an exam with a kidney specialist, contact Dr. Gura.

No Changes in Frequency of Urination

One of the early signs of kidney disease is having to urinate more often. This is because damaged kidneys can cause one to feel the urgent need to urinate, even if they just went. Therefore, if you have not been experiencing an increased frequency of having to urinate, especially at night, than you likely have healthy kidneys. Consistency is a good sign, so keep an eye out for any change to your daily urination habits.

Healthy Urine

Healthy urine is directly related to healthy kidneys. Healthy urine is based on color, consistency, and frequency. When kidney damage has occurred, changes to the urine can include a foamy consistently or blood in the urine. Therefore, if you or a loved one starts experiencing these symptoms, it is important to seek a kidney specialist immediately. Again, consistency is key, so make sure to stay aware for any changes in the color of your urine. The darker the color becomes, the more important it is to talk with your doctor about the possible reasons.

Proper Sleeping Patterns

Another sign of healthy kidneys is proper sleeping habits. Since kidneys can directly impact sleeping habits, one of the first things affected by kidney damage is quality of sleep. This is because healthy kidneys filter out toxins and impurities through the urine, and when they can longer do that it can impact the quality of sleep you are getting. In addition to lack of quality sleep, unhealthy kidneys has also been linked to other sleeping issues, like sleep apnea. There are many reasons like stress, anxiety, and other outside factors that can cause your sleep to be disrupted, but if you are consistently having trouble sleeping with no logical reason for it, your kidneys could be to blame. Be sure to look at the other signs and see if there is a pattern forming that points towards kidney disease.

No Signs of Puffiness or Swelling

When your kidneys are not properly functioning, they can severely impact your look. Although you may not feel damage to your kidneys happening, you will notice that areas of your body will become puffy or swollen. Particularly, you need to look out for puffiness in your eyes and swelling in your lower body. This is because a malfunctioning kidney can leak protein into your urine and can also cause your body to retain more sodium.

No Muscle Cramping

While occasional muscle cramping is common, frequently muscle cramping can be a sign of damaged kidneys. This is caused by electrolyte imbalances that lead to issues such as low calcium levels. Your kidney plays a vital role in keeping your body free from toxins, and without it you will feel the physical side affects. These side affects can be aesthetic, such as the puffiness and swelling, or they can be internal like the muscle cramping. Ensuring you have a healthy kidney will make the rest of your body function properly, and help you be productive and efficient.

Your Skin is Clear and Healthy

You can see the pattern forming that the kidney function really impacts a lot of other areas of the body. Those with kidney disease may have dry or itchy skin due to the inability for your blood to have the proper nutrition and minerals. If your skin is clear, then that is a good sign your have a healthy kidney.

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