Preparing For Your Annual Physical Exam

Your primary care physician is the best person for you to schedule an annual physical exam with. There are many recommendations regarding how often a person should be checked-up, depending on their age and any other medical conditions. For example, some people should visit once a year while others need to be seen less often. So let’s look at preparing for your annual physical exam.

Preparing For Your Annual Physical Exam

Our kidney specialist in Los Angeles can help you decide what’s right for you. Although the types of exams that are performed will vary from one doctor to another, you can rest assured that an annual wellness examination will give you valuable information about your health, future plans, and how you can live a healthy life. Below, our experts talk about preparing for your annual physical exam and what to expect.

Why You Need an Annual Physical Exam

Annual physicals can be completed in as little as 30 to 60 minutes. However, they are vital for maintaining records of any changes in your health over the years. These appointments can be done quickly to detect any signs or abnormalities that could affect your health later. No matter your age, it is important to visit a trusted physician. Professional monitoring of any changes in your body can be helpful. You can also bring up any questions you may have about your condition or recent discomforts you may be experiencing.

What to Bring

When you’ve scheduled an appointment with your trusted doctor, you can start preparing for your physical exam right away. Here are some things that you need to bring with you:

List Of Medications

It is important to list all medications you currently take, including vitamins, herbal supplements, and prescription medications. It is also important to include any other doctors who may be prescribing medication for you, such as specialists.

Medical Test Results

Please bring in any medical reports that were done since your last physical. If you have seen specialists, such as an orthopedist or neurologist, please bring them along. This information will be used by your PCP to coordinate your care.

Current Immunizations

You should keep a record of all your immunizations. This is an important part of your overall healthcare. If you are vaccinated against recent viruses or you are looking to get vaccinated, this is something your doctor needs to know.

Annual Exam: What to Expect

You can generally expect your annual physical update to reflect changes in your health each year. This includes changes such as allergies, medication, injury, or surgery. You can also expect to go through the following tests:

Vital Sign Exam

These include the electrocardiogram (EKG), and blood pressure tests. They are used to determine your blood pressure and respiratory rate. You may be referred for additional tests if there are any anomalies.

Visual Exam

Doctors can check for possible conditions by performing a visual exam. Your doctor can check your head, eyes, and wrists to determine if any problems could be treated.

Physical Checkup

It may include testing motor functions, listening for your heartbeat and lungs, as well as examining any abnormalities in your body. It can also include checking your hair, skin, and genitals.

Lab Screenings

Your doctor can draw blood and urine to check for various conditions, such as high cholesterol, kidney problems, diabetes, and other issues. High cholesterol and diabetes can lead to heart disease. It is important to get information as you age.

For women, this means Pap smears and pelvic exams as well as tests for osteoporosis. This condition is a high-risk condition that women are more at risk for as they age.

Schedule Your Physical Exam Today

Whether you are keeping up with your annual exam schedule or it’s been too long since you’ve had one, our physical exam specialist in Los Angeles will be able to help. Give us a call or visit us online today to schedule your personal consultation. Keep in check with your health and well-being for a long and happy life!