Preparing For Dialysis

If you have been diagnosed with a failing kidney, you are likely going through the preparation stages before starting dialysis. This procedure connects your body to a machine that can do the work of a kidney by filtering out toxins and other substances. But before the dialysis machine can do its job, an access point needs to be created. This is just one of the steps you will take when preparing for dialysis.

You may be faced with some big decisions and questions that can help prepare you for this next chapter in your life. The more prepared you are, the easier the process will be. Here is what your dialysis specialist in Los Angeles wants you to learn the best ways to get prepared.

Understand Initial Decisions

Your dialysis specialist will want to discuss the various dialysis treatment options that you have available to you. Some patients can take advantage of at-home dialysis, while others may need to visit a specialized center set up with the right kind of machines. You can always discuss your needs and comfort levels with your doctor. It is a good idea to keep friends and family involved in the decision process as well, so you can create a wall of support around you when you need it most.

Create a Care Map

One of the most stressful parts about getting care is knowing where you need to be, how you’re going to get there, and how long it will take. Plan ahead by making a visual road map of the locations you will be visiting; or, if you are staying at home, create a plan of care, so you know who is taking care of you and when. The more familiar you are with your own needs and schedule, the easier it will be to get accustomed to dialysis.

Plan for Surgical Preparation

Before dialysis can begin, the machine needs to be hooked up to an artery or vein in your body. This is an important vascular surgery that must be done ahead of your dialysis start date. The most popular type of procedure is an AV Fistula procedure, which connects an artery and a vein in your body for dialysis. When dialysis begins, a nurse will insert two needles into the AV Fistula and connect that to the machine.

Understand Your Health Needs

When it comes to kidney failure, you need to be an A+ student to understand how dialysis will help you get better. You can attend classes, take free education courses, read materials provided to you by your doctor, and participate in support groups to meet others who are about to begin dialysis as well. It is important that you stay in the loop about your medical status and needs. You can also track your test results and ask the right questions when the time comes.

Stay in Communication

You must keep speaking with your family, friends, doctors, and loved ones about how you feel from day to day. Not only is this good for you to have such a strong system of support in place, but it is also good for everyone else to monitor how you are doing. This is what can put you on the quickest road to recovery before, during, and after the process of dialysis.

Get in Touch with Your Local Dialysis Specialist

Get the treatment you need today when you contact your local dialysis and diabetes specialist in Los Angeles. Being diagnosed with kidney failure is not easy, and the road to dialysis can seem impossible. There are plenty of steps you can take when preparing for dialysis that will help you be more informed about the treatment you are getting. Contact us today with additional questions or concerns about starting dialysis. The path to healing starts now.