Living with One Kidney

Living with One Kidney

It is more than possible to live a healthy life with just one kidney. Whether you have had a kidney removed due to medical reasons or you have donated a kidney to a loved one, your body is going to have to get used to some adjustments to continue to function like normal. As long as you follow steps to stay healthy, you will find that living with one kidney is no problem at all.

The key to living a healthy life with one kidney is staying up-to-date on your medical needs. Follow instructions from our Los Angeles kidney doctor to ensure safe and healthy living no matter what your medical status is.

One As Good As Two

There are a lot of people who have been living with only one functioning kidney since birth. For the most part, one functioning kidney works just as well as two kidneys, and most people do not have any severe or succinct medical issues.

Depending on your self-care routine as well as how long you have been dealing with just one kidney, there is a risk that kidney function may dwindle as you age. While you should not suffer significant health issues throughout most of your life, chances are that you will need to be more closely monitored by your kidney specialist as you grow older.

Reasons for Having One Kidney

There are a lot of reasons why someone may only have the use of one kidney. This can happen at any point in life, from birth to old age. Three major causes of single-kidney use include:

  • A disease such as cancer has caused someone to have their kidney surgically removed
  • Babies being born with just a single kidney
  • Someone chose to donate one of their kidneys to someone in need of a transplant

Depending on your reason for having one working kidney, a special plan of care will be established with your personal doctor. It is possible to be active, healthy, and thriving with a single kidney – as long as you know how to treat your body right.

Living With One Kidney: Establishing a Care Routine

The type of care you need for single-kidney use depends on why you have just one kidney. Some people are born with only one kidney functioning; others have a kidney removed for medical reasons. Keep in mind that you only need one kidney to be healthy. You just need to make sure that you establish a good care routine with your specialist.

Your doctor may prescribe the following lifestyle changes:

Diet Requirements

One kidney will need to work harder to process the food you eat and remove toxins. Make sure that if you are dealing with renal failure, you speak with your doctor about a special diet to keep your body in good shape.

Physical Exercise

It is important to participate in a healthy amount of physical exercise for your body. But too much physical exercise can put a strain on your one working kidney. Make sure to invest in exercises that are not too intensive on the stomach and kidneys.

It is also important to find a kidney specialist who can perform regular checkups on a consistent basis. Depending on how well your kidney is functioning, you may need additional treatment and long-term care.

Get the Best Treatment and Kidney Care Today

Your kidneys perform an important function in your body. For a variety of reasons, some people may be living with one working kidney. As long as you are healthy and maintain a good diet and exercise routine, you can live an active and full life with just one working kidney.

If you are worried about further complications and need additional treatments, visit the office of Dr. Gura to learn more about dialysis in Los Angeles. Artificial kidney solutions can help restore regular function to your body without the need for a transplant. Get in touch with us today for more information.