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Physical exams are a critically important part of staying healthy, especially as we get older. Dr. Gura offers comprehensive annual physical exams for patients in and around the Beverly Hills, California area, including preventive care options like age-appropriate health screenings to identify risk factors and treat issues in their earliest stages.

Physical Exam Q & A

by Victor Gura, MD

Why are annual physical exams so important?

Having an annual physical exam provides your doctor with important information about your health so you can receive the guidance and care you need to stay healthy as you get older and as your medical needs change over time. Plus, by having exams on a yearly basis, it's easier to identify subtle changes that could indicate the very earliest stages of a serious illness so treatment can be initiated as soon as possible. Annual exams also provide patients with an ideal opportunity to discuss any health-related concerns they may have.

What is involved in a physical exam?

Physical exams begin with a complete personal and family medical history to look for risk factors for diseases, as well as a review of any symptoms you may be having. You'll also need to provide a list of all your current medications, including pain relievers, vitamins, and supplements taken on a routine basis. The exam itself will include blood pressure screenings and a weight measurement as well as routine screenings and evaluations of your eyes, ears, nose, throat, belly, and lungs and heart (using a stethoscope). Blood work and urinalysis may also be performed or ordered, and other tests or evaluations may also be performed depending on your specific needs. At the end of the exam, you'll receive medical guidance aimed at addressing existing medical issues and helping you lead a healthier life.

How should I prepare for my physical exam?

When you schedule your exam, some tests like blood work may be ordered. It's important to have these tests performed at least a week or so before your appointment to ensure the results will be available for review and discussion during your office visit. You should also have a list of any medications or supplements you're taking and be prepared to discuss your personal and family medical history to help us look for potential risk factors that need to be addressed and to identify which health screenings you may need.

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